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Apr. 17, 2007 - 1:56 a.m.

katie and i went to sacramento this weekend, to help her friends jonnyc and tom promote their movie. it was a fun trip.

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this is me in the car going up. it took us around 7 hours to get there.

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we had a very nice room at the marriott where the convention was being held. katie said it was the most comfortable bed she ever slept in, so it's too bad she didn't get to sleep much. i thought the pillows were nice and fluffy.

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we were going to order bananas and cream for breakfast, but katie got back to the room too late to place her order on friday night, so we had a cranberry muffin instead.

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here i am helping jonnyc promote the movie. i think he should make me a t-shirt to wear, too. that's him behind me, then katie's empty chair, and the nice guy she sat next to all weekend. his name was tristan, and he painted miniatures when it was slow. they were very good. he entered the painting contest and won his category - congratulations, tristan! it was a long weekend, but we had fun.

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